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Do you want to study Historical Sociology?

Do you like humanities? Do you want to learn how to judge social fenomena and orient yourself in sociological theories and in practical processes of qualitative and quantitative methodology? Do you want to be qualified graduate with the huge field of possible applications?

Hence the study of Historical Sociology is the best choice!

Historical Sociology is focused on the problem of long-term social processes and trends, modernization, globalizing tendecies and influences. Study is divided into three blocks. Theoretical one proposes courses on general theoretical concepts of historical sociology and civilizationistics. Methodological one is focused on basic approaches of quantitative and qualitative methodology. In the specialized blocks students choose their specialization.

A graduate is an individum of quality education which disposals by wide range of knowledge and abilities, he is open, flexible and capable of reacting on actual needs and requirements that our society is challenge by contemporary development.

Submitt your application untill the end of February! Information about admission requirements are to be found here at the Faculty website!

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