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Plan of studies for students who started their studiest in 2021/2022 and later.

Plan of studies for students who started their studies after 2019/2020

Plan of studies for students who started their studies before 2019/2020

Historical Sociology Master's Program

The Historical Sociology Master’s Program at Charles University is a two-year program. Applicants with bachelor degrees may be accepted following successful written entrance examinations.

Roughly half of the subjects in the curriculum are theoretical; the other half are focused on learning research methods and techniques, both from quantitative and qualitative methodology. The study is not based on one specific theory or method. In the theoretical part there is constant emphasis on the multi-paradigmatic character of the field, and equally in the research area on the plurality of methodological approaches. The subjects taught acknowledge a number of overlaps with other disciplines, primarily in history, but also in anthropology, political science, or economics.

The aim of the master’s program is not to produce narrowly focused specialists, but rather humanities-educated individuals with a wide range of knowledge and skills.

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