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Doctoral studies in Historical Sociology at Charles University in Prague

The main topic of historical sociology lies in the questions of social change, modernization, modernization processes, civilizational analysis, the formation of states and nations, the formation of the world system, and globalization trends. These questions are studied through an extensive comparative analysis involving a wide geographical perspective and long-term intervals. Part of the field of historical sociology comprises a number of partial, specific research areas, which include issues such as collective mentalities, habits, and social memory. Historical sociology is a very diverse and internally differentiated discipline that has general theoretical approaches, a number of special theories, a variety of specialized research directions, and empirically developed research. The PhD program in historical sociology is designed to provide high-quality and demanding training for those who want to be active in scientific and research work – especially of an analytical and comparative nature – in some of those areas which concern current historical sociology. The doctoral curriculum includes exams from compulsory and elective courses, research activities, publishing activities, and participation in scientific conferences. After the state doctoral examination and a dissertation defense, the student is awarded a PhD.

Graduates of the doctoral study program of historical sociology are qualified experts in societal and social issues, particularly on issues of comparative analysis of historical processes and trends of development. They have the knowledge, skills and competencies for a job in the field of theory and research. They are theoretically prepared for work at universities, research institutes, and specialized workplaces in the public and private sector.

Contacts and documents

Further information can be found on the faculty website.

List of Supervisors

Contact: Ing. Jana Jeníčková, Ph.D.

Web: Doctoral Study Department


Phone: +420 251 080 351

Guarantor of the field of study: doc. PhDr. Jiří Šubrt CSc.

Study program guarantor: doc. PhDr. Jan Horský Ph.D.

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