Scientific Monographs (published in English and French)

Johann P. Arnason; Kurt A. Raaflaub; Peter Wagner (eds.): The Greek Polis and the Invention of Democracy: A Politico-cultural Transformation and Its Interpretations (2013)

Johann P. Arnason; Björn Wittrock (eds.): Nordic Paths to Modernity (2012)

Johann P. Arnason; Kurt A. Raaflaub (eds.): The Roman Empire in Context: Historical and Comparative Perspectives (2011)

Johann P. Arnason; Natalie Doyle (eds.): Domains and Divisions of European History (2010)

Nicolas Maslowski: Manifester en République tcheque: Société civile et protestation 1989-2009 (2011)

Zdeněk Salzmann: Linguistic Anthropology: A Short Introduction (2012)

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