Selected study rules

Curriculum and ECTS

In order to successfully graduate, you need to pass the subjects according to your curriculum.

You have to earn at least 120 ECTS credits. You will be enrolled in compulsory courses automatically at the beginning of each semester of your studies. Compulsory elective and elective courses are chosen by you and registered at the time specified in the schedule of the academic year. You will earn 94 (96 in the 2019 curriculum and older) ECTS credits from compulsory courses and 8 ECTS from compulsory elective courses. Courses for the rest of 18 (16) ECTS credits you choose from the offer of elective courses at our study programme or from the offer of courses at other programmes at the faculty or even from the offer of different faculties of the University.

According to Rules for the organization of studies, you have to gain 50 ECTS each year in order to be able to progress to the next academic year.

Master Thesis and State Final Exams

At the beginning of the 2nd of study, you have to register the Topic your Master Thesis. You can choose the topic of your thesis by yourself in cooperation with some teacher you choose as your supervisor. The topic of your thesis should reflect the interests of the student, therefore, we prefer you to conceive your topic rather than to pick it up from a prewritten list.

After completing all compulsory and optional courses and earning at least 120 ECTS credits, you can access the state final exam. The State Final Exam consists of 4 parts that reflect each of the three domains of studies and the thesis defense:

(i) Theoretical Conceptions of Historical Sociology;

(ii) Methods of Historical-Sociological Research and Data Analysis;

(iii) Specialized Part of State Exam (students pass one exam according to the choice of the block of compulsory elective courses);

a. The Theory of Social Change and Modernization Processes;

b. Interdisciplinary Study of the Quotidian Life;

c. Historical Sociology of Politics and International Relations;

(iv) Thesis defense.

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