State Final Exams

State Final Examination

The State Final Examination is composed of four parts:

1. Theoretical conceptions of historical sociology

2. Historical-sociological research methods and data analysis

3. The optional specialized block as chosen by the student from the following:

  • Historical sociology of global politics and international relations

  • The theory of social change and modernization processes

  • Historical sociology of culture and quotidian life

  • Long-term Developmental Processes in the Perspective of Historical Sociology

4. Thesis defense

To prepare for the oral examination each student will be provided with a preparation time of 20 minutes for each part, meaning one hour in all for the whole state final examination. Each part of the final exam is evaluated separately. Based on the assessment of the individual exam parts the chairman of the commission assesses the score of the final exam.

Application for the State Final Exam

It is possible to take the State Final Exam only after the completion of compulsory courses, the completion of one of the four compulsory-optional blocks and earning required 120 ECTS credits. One single application is necessary in order to apply for the entire state exam including the examinations of theoretical conceptions, research methods, and the compulsory-optional block as well as the thesis defense. However, once students have submitted their applications, the state exam and the thesis defense may take place on separate dates. Students must also register for the State Final Exam and Thesis Defence in SIS.

The application for the exam and thesis defense is binding. Failure to submit an application with dates selected for the exams and defense will, in accordance with the study regulations, be viewed as a forfeiture of the student’s study.

Procedure for Submitting Applications

1. For each State Final Exam (including thesis defense or potential repetitions) generate application in SIS. On the SIS homepage choose "Final exams" and then in the section "action" choose "Print application" for the specific term. Then use the bottom "Do" and your application should be generated.

2. The signed application form must be brought to the study programme secretary office during office hours, though no later than the date specified for that academic year.

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