Diploma Thesis

Thesis defence

The Thesis Defence follows two semester-long diploma seminars, during which students acquire the necessary skills to write their own academic project, which they may submit as a master’s thesis. During the defence, students are assessed by their proven ability to both deal with the chosen theme and to orally present the results of their work, by responding to comments from the opponents as well as to questions posed by the examiners. In their theses, students should be able to prove that they have met the basic demands required to master the defined problem.

This includes the following abilities: to clearly articulate the initial situation or problem; to articulate their intentions and goals; to characterize and justify their choice of methodology and the procedures used to implement planned procedures adequately; to document and collect the necessary data and knowledge required to interpret their results; to formulate clear and well-founded conclusions; to present these conclusions in accordance with academic standards; and to work with footnotes and references.

Thesis Topic Registration

1. Download and fill in the registration form.

2. Send the form (without signature) in .doc/.docx format by email to .

3. Once filled in and signed (by both student and supervisor) registration forms should be brought during office hours to the study programme secretary by the end of the first year of study.

Students of historical sociology are required to register their topics by the end of their first year of study.

Thesis Preparation and Submission

Thesis Writing and Submission Guidelines

Thesis Specifications

Dean's Rule No. 5/2013 – Rules for Thesis Registration, Submission and Publication (shortened)

Thesis Procedure and Submission

1. One printed copy (thermo-bounded or in hardcover, do not use ring binding) of the thesis should be brought during office hours to the study programme secretary together with the signed applicationform, though no later than the date specified for the academic year.

2. On the same date, students must electronically submit their thesis in the student system (SIS) (which can be done according to this manual or videomanual).

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