Where can I find documents related to my studies and their organisation?

All documents related to the study and its organisation (Dean's decrees, forms, applications, rules for course recognition, scholarships, etc.) can be found on the Faculty website.

What are the rules for the organisation of studies?

The rules for the organisation of studies can be found on the Faculty website. The study regulations can be found on University website.

How do I work with the Student Information System (SIS)?

Instructions for working with SIS can be found here or you can watch video tutorial from Charles University Adaptation Course.

How many credits do I need to earn to progress to the next section of my studies?

A unit of study is defined as an academic year. The minimum number of credits to progress to the next section is as follows: you must obtain at least 50 credits to progress to the 2nd year of study, and at least 100 credits to progress to the 3rd year and beyond. You need 120 credits to be able to take the state final examinations.

What happens if I do not complete a required/required/elective course in a given semester?

A registration for a compulsory course cannot be repeated. You must complete the compulsory course no later than the end of the examination period of the following academic year. Please note, however, that if the lecturer writes three dates for an examination in accordance with the Charles University Study and Examination Regulations, they are not obliged to announce any examination dates in the following semester. Therefore, you cannot take the rescheduling of the attestation as automatic, but you need to be allowed to do so by the lecturer concerned. If you fail to complete the required course in the following semester, your studies will be terminated.

Compulsory and elective courses cannot be repeated or completed at a later date. In practice, this means that if you do not complete one of the compulsory elective courses, you will have to choose another block for the final examination. There is no penalty for failing to complete the elective courses.

What subjects can be recognised as electives?

The curriculum clearly specifies the compulsory and compulsory elective courses that the student must complete during their studies. The curriculum also leaves room for elective courses, from which the student must obtain at least 16 credits (see Selected Study Rules). The student may register as elective courses the elective ones offered by the Historical Sociology programme, but also in courses offered by other departments of the Faculty of Humanities or other faculties of the Charles University. The Historical Sociology programme currently offers several elective courses, the current offer of all courses can always be found in SIS, another option is to take compulsory elective courses,which the student does not choose as a compulsory elective block for the State Final Exams.

For general informations regarding your studies please see here.

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